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About Us


As a well-respected career solution company, Texas Career Solutions is made up of a team of experts with a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the career arena. Our consultants know precisely what our clients need and how to help them develop the right career solution for their needs.

We Help You Promote Your Superior Skills
To ensure that our clients project their superior skills, we start by carefully identifying our client’s areas of expertise along with their knowledge and their needs. We then follow up by providing our clients with the most effective career solutions and strategies possible. Our goal is to enhance our client’s presence. We make sure that you come across well in person in addition to presenting your expertise dynamically on paper. In other words, we make sure that our clients shine by having strong interviewing skills as well as powerful documents that will assist you in opening the correct doors at your target companies.

We Create Your Personalized Career Campaign
If you are a serious-minded professional and your goal is finding a career solution that helps expand upon your career endeavors, Texas Career Solutions is the best choice. By working in close collaboration with each client, we help our clients make all the right career decisions. Whatever your career direction and whatever industry you choose, we provide you with the most advanced coaching tools that present you at the highest level possible. Most important, in an effort to support our clientele, we have millions of contacts in our database.

The Type of Clientele We Work With
Texas Career Solutions works closely with those in the Computer Services industry, Business Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Engineering, Software/Hardware, Retail/Wholesale, Communications, Pharmaceutical and Health Services. Our clientele includes Executive Managers, Mid-level Managers, President/Vice Presidents, Information Services Managers, Operations, Account Managers/Executives, Sales Managers, Marketing, CEO/CFO/COO or Software Engineer Programmers. Whatever level of your expertise, we can help you find the ideal career solution.

If you’ve been in the job market for several months and you’re not doing as well as you hoped, particularly in regard to the competition, or if you’re getting interviews but they’re not panning out, we can help. We expand on your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you come off well in person and on paper. We know exactly how to market you to powerful and dynamic companies and we are ready to help you open the doors to your next opportunity. If you’d rather be interviewing instead of searching on your own, we can help. Please call us at 972-455-2841 for a Free Career Evaluation.