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"As a client of Kent I want to make it known that he has been invaluable in my job search. From compiling a comprehensive resume and cover letter to providing coaching on how to go about navigating the job market. When I have reached out to him he has been prompt and timely in giving me support and guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their carrier opportunities."

Debra E.
Dallas, TX

"Kent Miller and Texas Career Solutions helped connect me to my perfect job. The position, responsibilities and salary are where I wanted them to be and Kent was diligently dedicated to helping me find a role that I was satisfied with. It took time and effort from me to get here, so be prepared to invest in yourself and Kent and team will do whatever they can to support you. Follow his recommendations and don't give up!"

Heather M.
Saginaw, TX

"It was a pleasure working with Kent and his team. They vastly improved my resume and ultimately helped connect me to my current role and I'm pleased with the result. Job hunting is not an enjoyable task but Kent was always available to me to discuss interviews in progress and next steps. Thank you Kent!"

Michelle J.
Dallas, TX

"Hi Lori, Thanks for everything you did to help me land the position with Bayer. The work that you and your team performed allowed me to present myself as a very qualified and professional candidate. Your 30/60/90 plan “sold” me throughout the interviewing process. Thanks again!"

Mark V.
Shawnee KS

"After twenty two years with my previous employer, Lori assessed and understood my career situation. Lori was successful in phrasing my career achievements, resume, and my positioning LinkedIn profile in a manner that garnered much attention from the hiring audience. I highly recommend using Texas Career Solutions services to assist in reaching your career goals."

Rod C.
San Antonio, TX

"It was a pleasure working with Kent and his team. They helped me improve my resume and ultimately connected me to my current role and I'm pleased with the result. Job hunting is not an enjoyable task but Kent was always available to me to discuss interviews in progress and next steps. Thank you Kent!"

Michelle J.
Frisco, TX

"Lori, Just wanted to let you know that I start Monday at the KCS (Kansas City Southern Railroad) in Kansas City. I went through 3 different recruiting agencies and you were the very best. It is because of your expertise and know how that I landed the position. I will recommend you to anyone that is searching for a job. Best wishes and thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Vickie C.
Springtown, TX

“Lori contacted me, offered her services, graciously dealt with my skepticism, explained everything, and assured me that she was going to help me build a better presence online, a better resume and a better chance of landing a position that would suit me. She was diligent to follow up and teach me how to use LinkedIn effectively. They also prepared my resume and other documents so they would be noticed. She tracked applications that I sent her, helping me to find people within organizations that could help. When I received a suitable offer, it was from a unique company that found me on LinkedIn. I am convinced that they never would have given me a second look without Lori's help. By the way, the 30-60-90 day plan she helped me create was a real differentiator in their final decision about me. I highly recommend Lori and Texas Career Solutions to anyone who wants to improve the professional image they are trying to portray, and who wants to be better prepared to handle searches, interviews and offers. Their approach is unique, different and helpful. Thanks, Lori. I plan to stay in touch.”

Chris S.

"Hi Kent - this week I began a new full time position as Communications Project Mgr at Park Cities Baptist Church. It is an almost identical role to the one I had at First Baptist Dallas. I credit Texas Career Solutions for my professionally updated resume and LinkedIn profile which led to my finding the job posting and providing the information that helped PCBC learn about my background and experience. Thank you for everything!"

Lori S.
Dallas, TX.

"Hi Lori…I wanted to you to let you know that I have received and accepted an offer for the Accounting Project Analyst that you had helped me with. I am excited. I am very pleased with the offer, and the annual bonus. I want to thank you for all your help in getting me to this point. I most certainly will recommend you and your team to anyone looking for work. The LinkedIn help proved to be very beneficial with this position and will be in the future."

Teresa T.
Dallas, TX.

"Kent I want to thank you for helping me get hired in my new position in ONE week's time. Your team sent my resume to my new employer on Tuesday 5/28 at 9:00am. They emailed me at noon on 5/28 to phone interview me the next day, 5/29 at 3:30pm. The phone interview went well and they brought me in to interview in person on Tuesday 6/2. At 5:00pm, on the same day 6/2 at 5:00pm, I received their offer letter of $110,000. The entire process from your team sending them my resume to offer letter was ONE week’s time at $110,000. Thank you so much."

Allen L.
Frisco, TX.

“Lori you are amazing. You provided me with the best guidance and opportunities that helped me land the job of my dreams. I THANK YOU for everything you did and I'm proud to call you my friend.”

Stanley M Ph.D.

"Hi Lori, I have received a job offer from Fiserv. I wanted to thank you so much for you and your firm's most amazing help. Your firm walked my resume in door and I cannot thank you enough !!! I have a friend I would like to refer to you if that would be okay."

Peggy B.
Sugar Land, TX

"Hi Kent. I am so excited. I have just received an offer from HealthSpring to join their team as their Clinical Trainer. Thank you so much for the magic your team created with my resume. Thank you for also guiding me through the process of moving from public education to the corporate world. Without your assistance I never would have viewed my 'just a teacher' skill set as a skill set for the position of Clinical Trainer in a large corporation. Thank you so much for what you and your company does."

Janet B.
Dallas, TX

"When I think of Texas Career Solutions two words come to mind “Customer First”! Kent has a “win win” process that works and for all parties involved. That combined with his knowledge of the industry, servant leader attitude and his high level of integrity makes his company truly a value added partner. I would be lost in my career transition without Kent and his team!"

Dave B.
Flower Mound, TX

"Working with Kent Miller at TCS was a wonderful experience. Kent and his team are responsive, knowledgeable and ready to serve their clients. I found the best way to leverage Kent and his team is to give them direction of what you need help with. I leveraged all the tools that Kent provided me. One tool that I used consistently was his outline of a 30-60-90 day action plan that I presented on every interview. Every time I used it in the interview process the person who interviewed me was impressed. During the interview with my new company that hired me; they told me one reason I got the job was that I came with a plan. If you are looking for a consultant that cares and truly has your best interest at heart then TCS and Kent Miller is the company for you."

Steve B.
Fort Worth, TX

"Hi Kent….I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you, Lori and Texas Career Solutions for all the amazing help you provided. Lori brought results! Her help in my time of job search was invaluable, as she upgraded my resume significantly and provided me excellent interview training. In fact, my resume got many results in the form of calls and interviews and the preparation for interviews hit right on the mark in terms of the exact questions they were asking that I needed to be prepared for. I highly recommend utilizing Lori's services for anyone in job search mode. Thanks again, you have a great resource there in Lori! I will certainly recommend Lori and Texas Career Solutions to anyone I know in job search mode."

Brett S.

"I had been looking for a position for six months when I first spoke to Lori with Texas Career Solutions. I was frustrated and not landing interviews for the positions that I was qualified for. Lori contacted me and at first I was very skeptical. Working with Lori and Texas Career Solutions was the best decision that I ever made. As soon as Lori and her team developed my resume and profile I began to get noticed on LinkedIn. Lori provided the right contacts and effective support with interviewing. If you need help with your search Lori knows how to help you land that dream position."

Bernadette F.
Atlanta, GA

"Kent Miller was an invaluable resource during my recent job search and I am very satisfied with the results. I have found the job I was looking for which would not have been possible without the assistance of Kent Miller and Texas Career Solutions."

Siena C
Dallas, TX

"Kent Miller and the staff at Texas Career Solutions are simply amazing. They assisted me in finding a position within 8 weeks at the salary I desired. They are detail-oriented and true professionals. They know the local job market inside and out, and walked me through the entire job hunt process. They wrote an awesome resume and cover letter and sent it to correct contacts within my chosen companies. I recommend Kent and his associates to all of my friends and business associates looking for a new career position."

Bruce S.
Technical Trainer


Just yesterday Lennox finally confirmed my start for next Monday, 10 March. I will be the Manager, National Accounts Customer Service for the Commercial Division. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Let me also thank you for all your help! I appreciate it greatly and could not have done it without the assistance I received from you and your staff!!"

Thank you,
Paul H.

“Hello Kent - I have great news to share. I have accepted a position with American Heart Association. I truly believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give back to the community in a way that is near and dear to my heart.

I want to THANK YOU for all of the support and effort that you put in to find me the perfect job. I will always know that you were on my side and championed my job hunt with all of your talents. I hope that if I need to contact you in the future to find another great job that I can count on you to help me with that search.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done to get me to the place that I am today.”

Michele W.

"I had been looking for a position for quite a while when I first spoke to Lori. I was frustrated and not landing interviews for the positions that I was qualified for. Once I started to work with Lori and her team things changed. She took the time to explain the current job market, how her knowledge of LinkedIn, and her connections could help me with my search. I know my new position is a direct result of the work that Lori did for me as I had not applied to the company directly. I was invited by the company’s Talent Acquisition Team to participate in their interview process and networking event due to the strength of my new profile and Lori’s connections. I highly recommend her and her team."

Emery W.
Fort Worth, TX

"Lori and the team at Texas Career Solutions helped me with an outstanding resume and LinkedIn profile. In less than 2 days I had a great offer. If it were not for Lori, her team and most importantly her contacts, I would not have a new career. Lori’s instructions and expertise simplified my search and I got immediate results. I can assure you that if you work with Lori you will have success in your new career search. "

James K.

"I contracted with Lori and her organization, Texas Career Solutions, to provide assistance in my job search and employment development. Her expertise and knowledge were exceptional. She helped gather background information, developed resumes, and instructed me in the most current methods of creating a meaningful search. She was accessible and responded to my requests in a prompt and professional manner. She took the extra step of contacting potential employers on my behalf to provide additional focus and promote my candidacy. She was forthright in presenting her company's services and up-front with analysis and data development. Her demeanor was that of an enthusiastic, helpful colleague as well as a professional friend. I would recommend Lori Maddigan and her organization to any prospective client who may be seeking professional employment search assistance."

Robert G.
Dallas, TX

“Good morning Kent,

I would like to take this opportunity to thoroughly thank you and your staff for your personalized assistance to me as I reentered the job market.

Going back into the job market is quite challenging and stressful. Your expertise, drive and persistence lightened that load for me.

Within a week of our very first meeting I had my 1st interview. The interview was set up by your concierge team. After being thoroughly prepped by you my confidence level skyrocketed and I had the "go get 'em" attitude back in my drive. 3 days after that interview I was offered and accepted that position. Less than 1 week turn time to advance yourself, your career and pay scale is normally unheard of and it could not have been possible without you and your team. My sincerest appreciation, I could not have done it without you!"

Denise A.
Dallas, TX

"I was struggling in my job search and had been out of work for over a year. An associate recommended contacting Lori Maddigan at Texas Career Solutions. Lori worked extensively with me on enhancing my LinkedIn profile and provided training on accurately using this powerful job search tool. Her staff modified my resume and Lori worked with me on marketing myself through contacts that she made available. Her support, leadership and career coaching helped me land a job, as an Assembly Project Engineer with Toyota within 70 days of contacting her. Lori is great to work with, personable and professional. I highly recommend Lori and Texas Career Solutions."

Joseph O.

“I hired Kent and his firm to assist in finding new employment. I was very skeptical at first. I have found several jobs before without a recruiter or service. However I was willing to give it a chance. We met in his office's and he was extremely professional and helpful to start with. He was honest and straightforward in his assessment. We came to an agreement and both went to work looking for me a job. Over the next two months, the only good job interviews I got came directly because of or through Kent and his firm. In every instance that I applied for work, he cut through the red tape and got me in front of the interviewer and with a great recommendation. In the end, he found a position that was unadvertised and would have not been found except for his knowledge and expertise. He was amazing and more than helpful. I would not be working except for his knowledge and experience - or at least I would probably still be looking. I would recommend him and use his services again. This was the best investment I have ever made!”

Don C.
Dallas, TX

"Kent, I am so excited! I have just received an offer from HealthSpring to join their team as the Clinical Trainer. I have accepted the offer. Thank you so much for the magic your team created with my resume. Thank you also for guiding me through the process of moving from public education to the corporate world. Without your assistance I never would have viewed my "just a teacher" skill set as a skill set for the position of Clinical Trainer in a large corporation."

Janet B.

“Kent and his team provide that rare combination of professionalism, clarity of mission, understanding of the market and a concerted approach and support. I received my first response within 2 hours of them contacting a consulting agency for a position posted on a job board following his guidance. This was the first response I had received in more than a year of spending 8 to 10 hours a day applying to positions I was eminently qualified for. They understand the market, the technology and the required approach to secure results."

Janelle S.
Mansfield, TX

“Lori was very helpful and kind towards me. She stuck with me every step of the way through thick and thin. Ms. Maddigan believed in me when I didn't and she helped me find a good job with BNY Melton that has tremendous advancement potential. In this tough economy should the time come that I again have to seek employment, I know Lori and her tremendous team at Texas Career Solutions will stand by my side. They are definitely an asset to anyone who is looking for a job. I would recommend her and Texas Career Solutions to anybody that is looking for employment.”

Jack B.

"Kent, I wanted to thank you for your help in finding me a new career position in the financial sector. Your help in retooling my resume and cover letter greatly increased responses from potential new employers. The job I have accepted was one I had been trying for six months to land an interview. With your contacts at the company, your staff was able to make a phone call and get me an interview. This not only got me in door, but with your resources and coaching, I landed this job with only one interview. I have not interviewed in over ten years and your experience in the career search industry greatly enhanced my interview and networking skills in a very short period of time. Thank you for what you do."

David N.

"In the highly competitive industry of executive placement, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Kent Miller and his company - Texas Career Solutions. Kent differentiates himself from much of this saturated industry because of his integrity, character, honesty, outperforming expectations and ability to analyze a situation and create the solution.When searching for a new opportunity, Kent set out to find the right fit for my career, the right position and company. For any professional seeking a new and challenging opportunity, please know that Kent and his team are true leaders in their field who take the time to listen to the wants/needs of their clients, develop a "go-to-market" strategy for you, the "brand," and win the new opportunity. He has become a true friend."

Joe T.
VP of Marketing

"Thank you to Lori and her team at Texas Career Solutions for all of your help and guidance. Lori has gone out of her way to give me the confidence and help I needed to be noticed in this job market. After a year of looking for the right position, with no success, I signed up with Texas Career Solutions. The professionally written resume and connections that they provided opened doors to wonderful opportunities for me. Within a very short time since Lori started to help me, I have been hired by Epicor Software, a position that is my dream job. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a new career to give Lori and Texas Career Solutions a chance to assist you the way she assisted me. She never promised me that she would find me a job, she told me that she could help me get in touch with hiring managers and help me increase the number of the right level interviews needed to secure employment. That is exactly what happened. I just wish I would have signed up earlier."

Diane O

"Kent is dedicated, knowledgeable and innovative in his approach to assisting his clients obtain a new professional role. His knowledge of leading social media technology is critical in today's challenging job economy. He knows how to parlay the technology, capitalize on his network of contacts and translate your skills to create new visibility opportunities for jobs and placement."

Lisa T.
Dallas, TX

"Thanks to you and your awesome team I started my new job this coming Monday the 16th. Salary is where I need it to be and I think it is fair based on the economy. What makes this amazing is the fact that I got rejected for this position when I applied online a month ago. Your team calling them got the VP of HR to personally read my resume. I never mentioned they rejected me when I applied online. I have already begun referring my unemployed friends from my church networking group to contact you ASAP. I cannot thank you enough for assisting me. "

Karen B.

"Well, your LinkedIn connections really works! Once I saw you are #1 contact to the hiring manager of the job I was interested in I contacted you right away to recommend me to Mark. Even though the job was unavailable you found out that he is looking to hire a brand manager, a position that has yet to be posted! In his email he suggests that "Kim seems to be a great fit for the position." I have an interview with the VP of Marketing on Tuesday! Thanks for your help. I will let you know how it goes."

Kim T.

"Kent, I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I have accepted a position at Peterbilt as a Process Engineer. This company was the first hit that we received back in the beginning of February. It goes to show that persistence pays off. I applied for the same position twice and we kept following up. I finally got an interview at the end of April. I did not hear from them until three weeks later and thought that I had been eliminated, but ended getting called back for a second interview. I got the job offer on 5-27-11. I believe that you and your people helped me get this job offer and I would like to thank you for that. I think that Peterbilt will be a great company to work for."

Michael C.
McKinney, TX

"Kent and his team are strategic in planning your success in finding the right fit in a job. I hired Kent and his team this year and within 66 days I found myself hired and working for FedEx Office. They are there for support, advice and follow-up through your job searching process. Kent and his team have a personal touch to the outstanding professionalism delivered. I highly recommend Kent for his professionalism and excellent job hunting experience."

Kim M.
Carrollton, TX

"Laurie has been a great help to me in my job search. After our initial conversation on the phone, I felt like there was no question that I would hire her to help me in my job search. And so far, I was right!! Barely a week after we started working together, I have already had an interview for a job I really want. On top of that, Laurie is a great motivator and she is very encouraging. I recommend Laurie to anyone out there who is on the job hunt."

Toby W.

“Prospecting for a new career after being in the same industry forever was a daunting challenge. I met Kent and after our initial consultation I decided to work with him. He turned my challenge into clear vision and execution. Within 24 hours I received call backs and within 48 hours interviews. I have not signed an offer letter yet. However, I am excited to have multiple options. Thank you! Kent Miller is without doubt someone you want to recognize and remember!!!”

Sharis H.
Carrollton, TX

“I hired Lori a month ago for outsource job seeking assistance. From day one Lori and her team have been clear about expectations, provided the necessary social media and networking tools. I have had great success in the last 35 days and have the ability to make right decisions in my career choices with their leadership, partnership, and support. Lori is timely, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend her and the team’s services! I could not have the success I am experiencing without them!”

Kim M.

“Lori.....THANK YOU! We have been working together for only five business days and I already have a interview lined up! Your diligence in getting my resume up to par is really paying off! I know you are busy with other clients but you made me feel like I was the only person in the world because I had your attention whenever I had a question! You have been a true blessing! THANK YOU!”

Lynn L.

"Thank you Laurie for providing me an excellent means for me to feel confident in my job search. In using your services, I obtained my first interview within 10 days of working with Laurie using the concierge service. I would recommend Laurie to anyone who wants an edge in today's job search market."

Erin M.

"Hello Lori… I have selected the offer from Northrop Grumman Information Systems as their newest Cyber Strategist! I start on the 28th of Feb. Great compensation... benefits ... location.... signing bonus.... and bonus offer. I’m looking forward to getting back into the game and running hard. Thanks for all of your support and help. Thanks."


"Laurie, I am headed to Wichita, KS this afternoon for an interview with KOCH. I made it through 3 separate phone interviews and they booked airlines, hotel and a car for me to come for an interview. This is a large company with a very good reputation. My wife and I will welcome the move to Wichita. Texas Career Solutions contributed to landing this interview. Thanks to all of you and wish me luck"

Stan L.

"Wow, within 2 hours of sending out your emails to the potential employer, we got a response followed by 2 phone call interviews the very next day. I would highly recommend you and your team for anyone looking for a job. Your connections and methods saves you time and energy looking through unlimited job postings on the computer. Getting resumes to the targeted person, who makes the hiring decisions is the key to making the first step. Thanks for all that you do!"

Nancy S.

"Lori and her team at Texas Career Solutions are dedicated to ensuring the best career support that you can get anywhere! I came to Lori during a recent job search. If you are like me, its a time when you need committed support that is more than just "write and send out" a resume. Lori stayed with me every step of the way.She stayed in touch as we moved through the process; responded in a productive way to my needs vs just "calling me back". She is punctual, caring, expert in her business, and has the experience to help at the C-level. You can NOT go wrong looking to Lori and her awesome team for help when the challenge is going to be tough! I strongly urge anyone that needs assistance in their career search call Texas Career Solutions ASAP. I am glad I did."

Carl W.

"My job search efforts were yielding very poor results in this economy. The few decision makers, I was actually able to circumvent the computer screening process and speak to, let me know that there were close to a thousand applicants for each position posted. I was being constantly spit out by the deselecting process. I had put in over 500 online applications and could count the number of responses I had received on one hand.

I had been out of work for almost 10 months when I saw a posting for Texas Career Solutions. I filled out the information and was contacted by Kent Miller. After meeting with Kent, I was very ambivalent about the service that Texas Career Solutions offered, but after much deliberation and research decided to give them a try.

I filled out a questioner and met with Kent the next day. His team created my new resume, introduced me to LinkedIn and gave me an instruction manual on how to use it, gave me information on how to execute effective follow-up on applications I was submitting, ideas for appropriate correspondence with prospective employers, reading material on interviewing, negotiating salaries and developing contacts. The next step was for Texas Career Solutions to distribute my resume to prospective employers within parameters that Kent and I discussed.

I started getting responses to my applications and had two interviews within a week. Kent Miller and his staff at Texas Career Solutions gave me the tools I needed to be successful, encouragement and training. I now not only have a job but am employed with a company that I am proud to work for, in the field of my choice and at the salary I deserve.

Thank you Kent Miller and Texas Career Solutions, I could not have done it without you."

Sue N.

“Lori is heads above anyone I have worked with in my job search. I have worked with three expensive outplacement companies prior to working with Lori and Texas Career Solutions. No one was able to provide the service and value that I have received from Lori. To sum it up, Lori is true value. I highly recommend her.”

John M. Kamp President & CEO The Business Kamp

"Lori was a life-saver at a time when I lost the "job of my dreams". I was a bit down on myself and though I'd sent out many resumes, had not received one call or inquiry. All that changed after Lori had my resume re-written and began to market me. Not only did I land a great job as a Lab Director at TRMC, I was offered another position that I learned of through a connection of yours on LinkedIn. I start in June!! Thanks, Lori, you are the best at what you do!"

Dana H.

"My experience with Texas Career Solutions was a good one. Laurie Miller and her staff were instrumental in my job search. I have found a full time sales position in Dallas and I owe a lot of the credit to Texas Career Solutions. I would recommend everyone to give Laurie a chance to assist them in their job search."

Ashlee M

"When first contacted by Kent I was somewhat ambivalent, his service sounded too good to be true. I consulted with friends and family about working with Texas Career Solutions, and got a complete split decision. I have been looking for work for several months after being laid off at my last job and what I was doing to look for employment was not working. I decided to take a chance and trust Kent. My new resume was sent out yesterday; I have already spoken with decision makers and have an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning. Kent has giving me the tools I was missing in my search and I now see light at the end of the tunnel that was less than a week ago caving in. Thank you to Texas Career Solutions and Kent Miller!"

Sue N.

"Wow! I'm glad I got through to your contact with CORT. He is the area VP and said he has a recruiting team coming in to help him go through resumes. He has over 400 resumes for the position I applied for. He actually tossed my resume because he thought it came from a recruiting service. I explained that TCS wasn't a recruiting firm. We ended up talking for about 15 minutes and I forwarded him my cover letter and resume in an email where I also thanked him for his time. What's nice is that out of the 400+ resumes he has received, mine will be stuck in his head."

Talk to you soon.

“I wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am with the promptness and professionalism of your concierge service that your company provides to your customers. Both Laurie and the service have been very helpful to me and because of their hard work and dedication they have helped me obtain my first interview. It is this kind service that a person can truly appreciate, again thanks for your hard work.”

James C.

"Kent......Please thank your concierge team for the great job they did in securing me an interview with my new company. What makes this remarkable is the fact that this company rejected me for the SAME position when I applied online three weeks prior to my first appointment with you. I start as the operations manager at approximately 80K first year salary. I remember you telling me that it wasn't going to easy but the process was simple and you were correct; but with your help I finally got this job search done. Hopefully I will never need you again:). Take care and much success to you and your awesome team."

Steve R.

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I looked for a new position for 13 months prior to coming to see you. We started the process on 11/11/09 and I start my new position as a project manager on Monday 12/7/09. Kent, NO ONE was more skeptical than I was but with your guidance and my awesome new resume it worked !!! My family and I can't thank you enough and you have made it possible for me to enjoy the holidays. God bless you and your team for all the hard work and help. Have a nice holiday season and again, thank you."

Carl D.

"I would like to thank Texas Career Solutions for preparing an outstanding resume for me. I was recently interviewed for a job at Allegheny Bradford Corporation. I was informed by the company's CFO that out of hundreds of resumes they had on file, they chose 8 individuals to interview. I would also like to thank, Career Specialist Lori Maddigan for providing me with interview training that proved to be invaluable."

Nicholas C.
Bradford, PA.

"A quick note to let you know that I have accepted a position with PepsiCo. I appreciate your help in my search and look forward to crossing paths in the future. Once I am settled in at PepsiCo, I will update you with my contact information."

Jeff N

"I recently separated from the Navy after about 13 years, including time spent earning a degree under a NROTC program. Over a 4-5 month period, I attempted over a hundred cold calls myself, tried to use the "free" placement companies as well as distribute my resume through an online service, none to any real avail. In that period, I went through two legit interviews. I turned to TCS, we prepared a new resume within days and it was sharp. The resume was distributed later that week, (just before Christmas, nonetheless) and I was shocked to receive a call early the next week. We conducted a "pseudo" phone interview and a couple days after Christmas I was invited to come in for an in person interview . I was again, shocked! A week later I completed the interview and a week after that, I was made an offer. I am completely happy with TCS and what they do. To transition from "career" to "career" and not "job" is pretty remarkable, especially given the economy coupled with this time of year. The deck was completely stacked against me, yet I, with the help of TCS, persevered. Thank you!"

Mike G.
Richardson, TX

"I have put this heartfelt thank you off too long but I have been swamped at my new position. I recently paid a lot of money to a company that I thought was similar to yours. I could not have been more wrong. After I paid them a very large sum of money I was put in a classroom setting and they began to teach me how to market myself. It took me about 5 minutes to realize I had been taken for approximately 6000.00. I was literally sick to my stomach and had to excuse myself from the class. What they were trying to teach me and what their rep told me they would do were as different as night and day. I had my lawyer contact them but there was no way to get out of the contract. I never went back to the class because I needed to interview immediately; not learn how to write documents, research and then COLD CALL companies. I have since found out that they are out of business and that their website is gone. Then I contacted Texas Career Solutions. Believe me; no one was more skeptical than I was when I visited with you. Once you explained that you would do all the work and didn’t want me to call the companies I began to feel a little more at ease. After you GUARANTEED me calls for interviews within 72 hours; and put the guarantee in writing; I decided to use your services. There is no way to describe the feeling I had when I got my first call for an interview. The call came approximately 31 hours after you began to distribute my documents to the correct contact at each company. This may sound strange but my joy was not over the call but the fact that I did not get taken again was a huge relief. Total I received calls from 7 companies and interviewed with 6 of them. That resulted in 3 offers. The offer included a 7000.00 raise from my previous position, 3 weeks vacation, 3% matching 401K, 20% bonus potential and car allowance ( helpful with gas at 4.00/ gallon). I couldn’t be more pleased!!!!!!!"

Pamela B., Dallas, TX

"I just used your services to obtain employment in entry-Level programming and you helped me find several jobs within the industry of my choice. I went from no calls to three interviews in one week!!! I did accept the GIS Technician position. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again."

Eric L., Denton, TX

"I would like to thank TCS for all its work. I am very pleased with the position I received. I requested TCS research because I was going for a final interview with the VP of Sales. The research helped, I aced the interview and got the offer, which I accepted. Also, the resume I used to obtain the interview was the one written by TCS. Please pass my thanks along to your research and resume writing teams, they did an awesome job. I would like to thank TCS for all its work; I am very pleased with the result. I am also recommending your company my to best friend who is looking to make a career change."

Thanks again.
Robert W., Rockwall, TX

"As I sit here trying to describe my experience with Texas Career Solutions I have decided to make life simple and summarize my experience:

Enrolled with your company on a Friday. You began marketing my new documents on Tuesday. 9 calls for interviews by the following Friday (8 business days). 4 offers that we reviewed together and I accepted a position that took me from 73K to 82K with a 2K signing bonus. I won the bet with my wife and she owes me dinner.

PS……….I only searched on my own for 14 weeks prior to coming to see you."

God Bless you,
Tim O., Plano,TX

"AWESOME is all I can say. 3 calls and 2 offers in 3 days. YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!!!"

Terry D.,Commerce,TX

"I am a highly compensated upper level manager. I received some disturbing news about my employment sixty days ago and immediately put my resume on the street with your help. I had to leave my job immediately as I had so many interviews that time did not allow for work. Yesterday, I received a VP of Operations position with a public company. In the same week I had to turn down three substantial offers. I have never seen such a quality response to my resume as what has happened in the last forty days. Even though I had sent my resume to employment agencies and as direct answers to advertisements, every offer I received was not advertised through normal means. They were a direct result of your service. I was just in the right place at the right time because of Texas Career Solutions. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Thank you for assisting in a successful job search."

Danny L., Plano, TX

"I have accepted my new position. My first year income should be in the $150,000 range. When you started marketing me the phone did not stop ringing and I had 7 interviews and 3 offers on the table in less than 30 days. I am so happy I decide to allow you to “sell” me to the industries I fit in. I am going to call you again in two years when I complete my MBA."

Thanks again,
Alex B., Rowlett, TX